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Be year-round swimsuit-ready?

Feel empowered and in control of your day and your life?

Lower inflammation naturally?

Show your family a positive example?

Heal your body from the inside, out?

Never again shy away from a trip or event because you “need to lose the weight first?”

Make choices that help the environment?

Relish in the beauty and flavors and deliciousness of food?

Find inspiration to make better choices because you want to, not because you should?

Get healthy, for good?

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Learn quick tips on how to add more healthy habits to your busy life.

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Clients Testimonials

Real women. Real results.

“I came to Rachel after working with EIGHT specialists. She had detailed questions that led us to tons of options I didn’t know I had. She not only helped me find the answers, which was something I had been praying for for three years, but she also gave me an incredible amount of hope and relief during a very dark time of pain. I have always been a “health nut” and yet she still taught me so many nutritional options that still work really great with my body. I have and always will recommend recommend her to anyone in any kind of physical pain or discomfort. I still practice the food options she helped me learn.”

— Ashley A., New York, NY

“I can’t say enough great things about Rachel! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition, she is also so warm, thoughtful, encouraging and supportive. She helped me narrow down which foods are good for my body type and she taught me small changes I’m able to make to my daily diet, which made a huge difference in my digestion and ultimately how I feel. She armed me with incredible knowledge and actionable items specific to my body type, my busy schedule and how to tackle my sweet tooth cravings without depriving myself. I love how she helped me frame my awareness around food and my body, and how to weed thru all the competing information available out there. But I most love Rachel’s holistic approach and all her easy, healthy fast recipes.”

— Lindsey C., San Francisco, CA

“I originally approached Rachel after I saw photos of myself from my Hawaiian vacation-my happy relationship had added some pounds! She got to know me, then expertly guided me through some changes in diet and habits, based on MY needs and lifestyle. A year later and I am a green smoothie addict, I even drink them on vacation! The best thing about Rachel is that she never made me feel insecure or bad about myself-she somehow manages to praise every forward step without being condescending. And sure I’ve lost some weight, but more importantly I feel better than I have in years...not to mention my PMS symptoms have gone from raging to a mere nuisance! Needless to say, my husband is as thrilled as I am.”

— Lea G., Petaluma, CA

“My mornings are hectic to say the least - between juggling my toddler twin daughters and jetting off to my demanding job in medical devise sales, there’s not a lot of time to prioritize my health. Rachel’s approach to food, especially with green smoothies and a morning routine is something that I could realistically incorporate into my life. It makes me feel empowered and in control of my day and week. I quickly dropped a few pounds, have noticed more energy and less brain fog. Hallelujah!”

— Robyn S., Sonoma, CA

“In one of my darkest times in life, Rachel’s coaching helped me build my self esteem. Through her tutorials on healthy eating and living, I am now on a clearer path toward my goals. I’ve witnessed Rachel and her company grow and thrive. Rachel is a genuine person who is ready to empower, guide, and share her skills and knowledge with the world through compassion, encouragement, and rooted strength.”

— Taylor L., Los Angeles, CA

“Rachel was our guest nutrition specialist at our “Day of Wellness” this past May. Not only did she serve up delicious, adorably presented fresh juices, but her presentation about healthy breakfasts on-the-go to our group of busy moms was spot-on, informative and super engaging. Rachel’s personality is upbeat, her knowledge in-depth and her presentation of information and food/drinks thoughtful and gorgeous.”

— Lesley G., Sonoma, CA