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well, hello there!

My name is Rachel Pinkstaff and I created Pink Greens because I have a passion for spreading that green love! 

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, I moved to San Francisco after graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Oregon in 2007. In 2014, after seven years living and working in advertising I woke up in the middle of the night with an epiphany - what I was passionate about was food and its impact on our planet. I wanted to work to help inspire people to eat in a sustainably-minded way. So many of the woes of our planet and our bodies could be healed with a certain way of eating. From pharmaceutical addiction, to diabetes, to global warming. I felt compelled to get involved. I didn't know exactly how I would do this, but I definitely knew why

So, I quit my corporate job, and moved to my personal heaven-on-earth, Sonoma, CA, a mecca of organic farming, rolling vine-covered hills, and sunny skies. I decided to call my company Pink Greens, after my own nickname and green eating and living. It seemed like the perfect fit. I began as a food booth in the Sonoma Tuesday Night Farmers' Market in the summer of 2015 selling salads, smoothies, and açaí bowls. Since that time, I have offered local fresh-pressed juice deliveries, private cooking classes, and private nutrition consulting.  

I am currently studying to become a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant through Bauman College, a science-based program that encompasses mindful eating and healthy living. The program is based in Penngrove, CA and also has a campus in Berkeley.

my "why" 

I believe that what we feed our bodies (and our minds) has a massive impact on the world around us. Regardless of dietary disciplines and each person's unique needs, I think we can all agree that when we add more of the good stuff...not only do we feel healthier, lighter, stronger, and happier, but we also create a system that builds more life with every turn; healthier soils, less carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, less dependencies that run the gamut from genetically modified crops, to pharmaceuticals. A reduction in chronic diseases, cancers, diabetes, and obesity. In essence, we're choosing a life that creates more life! As opposed to a destructive one that breeds more and more dependencies. 

Imagine if we could have all of this and it was as simple as a decision. A decision about what we choose to eat, drink, and think. 

What if more of us chose to eat real, whole, organic, and sustainable foods more of the time. 

Over time we would become addicted to the good stuff. We would look better, feel better, inspire those around us and have a massively positive impact on the planet

I don't subscribe to a certain "diet," instead I believe in eating more greens, more veggies, whole foods, natural foods, organic, sustainable, local, and seasonal as much as possible. When I do eat animal products, I source from ones that are raised eating their natural diet and lived in their natural environments. This means I eat less dairy and meat than the average American (but when I do, I enjoy every last bite!). 

You will find the majority of my recipes are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and most definitely veggie-centric(!).

I don't believe we have to put ourselves in a bucket of a certain "diet" in order to help our bodies and the planet. I also don't believe we need to drive ourselves crazy over what we eat. Instead, we can focus on how fun, beautiful, and delicious eating in a whole foods, plant-centric way can be. I believe in not being perfect, but in holding ourselves accountable. In taking responsibility for how we feel. 

After all, we are what we eat, drink, and think

It took me years of research and trial-and-error to find my groove with food, but I can tell you, it was absolutely worth it. Not only did I loose weight, but I also felt lighter, more clear-headed and energetic, a deeper sense of happiness and harmony with food. And instead of just living this way, I have felt compelled to share my experiences with all of you.

I am a constant student and love learning new things. I love getting inspired, finding new-to-me ingredients, creating recipes, and capturing the beauty of natural foods through photography. 

My mission is to inspire, inform, and encourage you in your journey with health and wellness. And that, together, we can spread that green love all over the place! 

I believe that when we are healthy in our minds, bodies, and spirits, we are able to go out and do more good in the world. 

Thank you for reading.

xx, rachel