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well, hello there.

My name is Rachel Pinkstaff and I created Pink Greens because I have a passion for spreading that green love.

It all started with a Christmas break in college when I had one (or maybe a box) too many See’s chocolates, and an afternoon at the mall trying to find the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit for the party my roommates and I were throwing. The guy I had a crush on was coming to our party, and I wanted to look amazing.

I caught a glimpse of myself in a never-ending dressing room mirror, under the unforgiving florescent lights, and just about had a heart-attack wondering who let the chubby girl in my dressing room!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was perfectly average by most standards. But after spending the semester choosing non-fat and sugar-free everything, and cutting calories as if my grades depended on it, my cravings were worse than ever…and my booty was fatter than ever (as evident by that darn dressing room mirror and my inability to find a dress in a size I found acceptable). I felt fat, lonely, and defeated.

This may seem trivial, or even vain. As a woman my measures of accomplishment, success, and worthiness were directly tied to my ability to fit into a certain size. By failing at this, I felt like I didn’t deserve to be happy. Like I needed to “punish” myself with harder workouts, less food, more willpower.

That night I cried myself to sleep. And I asked for help from whoever was listening - God, The Universe, the angels of tight butts and slim thighs…

And, as I stirred in the middle of the night, one of those blessed beings answered in the form of a little voice inside my head that said four little words - “Just. Eat. Real. Food.”

The next day I felt lighter, more purposeful and filled with a new-found love for myself that hadn’t existed before.

I decided that if I was going to be five (or 15 or 50) pounds overweight, I would at least do it while enjoying some delicious food. Luckily, I worked at an amazing french restaurant and the food I had been depriving myself of, was just an employee-discount away. And, counter-intuitively, I lost a few pounds, and felt 100 million times better.

Over the next decade, I made it made it my personal mission to learn what “real food” really meant and how to squeeze fitness and healthy eating into my life.

I moved to San Francisco and worked in media advertising. I had jobs I hated and some I loved. I ran half marathons and dabbled in different diet fads.

But it wasn’t until I read a book that touted the benefits of starting the day with a green smoothie, that things really got awesome. It flipped everything I had been told about eating a big, balanced breakfast on its head. But it worked.

Even though I thought of myself as relatively fit at the time, pounds were melting off. As the weeks passed, my skin started to glow in a new way and a few spots of discoloration completely disappeared. As the months passed, my body composition seemed to change and become more lean and toned. It was awesome. And it propelled so many more changes in me. I felt a new sense of energy and drive. I felt lighter, more focused. And, eventually, I realized I wanted to move to Sonoma, a mecca of farms and fresh produce, and start a company based on healthy foods and healthy living.

So I did!

I would call it “Pink Greens” to combine my nickname and, well…greens!

I had a booth at the farmers’ markets where I sold salads, smoothies, and açaí bowls. And I went back to school for holistic nutrition, at a Berkeley-based program called Bauman College. I started coaching clients to get the same results I had found so unbelievable life-changing.

Why do I share all of this? Because I believe there are women out there who are as frustrated as I have been with mountains of conflicting information when it comes to so many areas - losing weight, getting glowing, radiant skin and lustrous hair, healing their gut, increasing their energy.

Maybe this is you. Maybe it’s your sister, or your mom, or your best friend.

We as women are told that, on one had that we should look a certain way to be valued, desired, and happy; but on the other, that we are vain or selfish for wanting to feel and look our best. It’s not a realistic expectation and it’s definitely not fair. Some of us spend years, even decades in this game of tug-and-pull. We suffer in silence because we don’t know where to turn for help. We are smart and successful in so many areas of our life, why can’t we seem to figure out the puzzle that is our own health?

I don’t believe for one second that it’s selfish or superficial to want to be our best selves.

I don’t believe we should feel bad that we haven’t “figured it out.” How could we?! There are so many sources telling us conflicting things!

It is not about punishing ourselves or being perfect or rigid. It’s not about cutting out entire food groups, it’s about eating like we love ourselves.

I have walked many women through this process and, while it certainly requires work and effort, it should be fun and delicious! Believe me, it’s more fun and delicious than the years you’ve spent stressing about it.

In fact, when you get into your groove, you won’t stress at all. Even if you gain ten pounds eating your way through Italy, you’ll come back empowered knowing that you can get right back on track.

It’s about always feeling swim-suit ready, New Year’s Eve dress-ready. In control of your day and your life.

It’s about enjoying that glass of rosé at book club or indulging in that scoop of ice cream with your kid on a hot summer day. It’s about being healthy most of the time, so that we can choose when we want to be carefree.

It’s about thinking and feeling positively about your body so you can live a good example for those around you. It’s about not cringing every time you step on the scale. Or, heck, maybe not even having a scale! Because you don’t need it to measure your success. And because you feel so great in your skin and in your clothes, it doesn’t really matter what that number is at all.

Let me show you how. Let’s spread that green love together!

xx, rachel

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Some kind words from my client, Ashley.

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