Vegan Mediterranean Bowl

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love a dinner that can turn into lunch leftovers. And “bowls” are the perfect opportunity.

The grains and roasted veggies served warm for dinner fill your tummy, and then chill perfectly for a lunch that doesn’t have you in a 3 p.m. sleepy slump!

I also love bowls because they are so easy to make with whatever you have on hand. All you really need are three components - a grain/starch + greens/veggies + and a delicious sauce. Feel free to use my bowls as inspiration - if you don’t have olives and have a ripe avocado - go for it.

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Yummiest Burrito Bowl

Have you heard?! It’s National Burrito Day! As if we needed an excuse to gorge on everyone’s favorite combination of deliciousness all wrapped in a tidy package you can hold with one hand!

I’m still confused as to why I had to go to work today…and to jury duty for that matter (Side Note: I’m a first-time juror!) - shouldn’t the government be closed for this important occasion?!

But, I digress.

Today I was inspired to celebrate this great holiday I’ve never heard of by making my own version of a deconstructed burrito

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